Fast and Robust Characterization of Lossy Dielectric Slabs Using Rectangular Waveguides

  title={Fast and Robust Characterization of Lossy Dielectric Slabs Using Rectangular Waveguides},
  author={Xu-chen Wang and Sergei A. Tretyakov},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques},
Waveguide characterization of dielectric materials is a convenient and broadband approach for measuring dielectric constant. In conventional microwave measurements, material samples are usually mechanically shaped to fit waveguide opening and measured in closed waveguides. This method is not practical for millimeter-wave and sub-millimeter-wave measurements where waveguide openings become tiny, and it is rather difficult to shape the sample to exactly the same dimensions as the waveguide cross… 

Electromagnetic Characterization of Thin Films by Using Non-contacting Waveguides

Surface impedance represents a crucial parameter for the characterization of thin films. Indeed, materials with a sheet impedance varying as a function of their elongation could be employed in radio

Extraction of the Complex Relative Permittivity from the Characteristic Impedance of Transmission Line by Resolving Discontinuities

This paper describes a material complex permittivity extraction technique based on four measurements of two identical coaxial (circular and rectangular) lines, distinguished by their lengths. The



Dielectric property measurement using a resonant nonradiative dielectric waveguide structure

This letter describes a new dielectric characterization technique, based on the resonant nonradiative waveguide structure described by Yoneyama and Nishida , for permittivity measurements at

Complex Permittivity Measurement Using a Ridged Waveguide Cavity and the Perturbation Method

  • A. Kik
  • Physics
    IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques
  • 2016
A new cavity-based method to measure the complex permittivity of dielectric materials is presented here. The method uses a double-ridged waveguide for the cavity instead of the widely used

An Accurate Method for Measuring the Sheet Impedance of Thin Conductive Films at Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Frequencies

A simple and accurate method to measure the complex sheet impedance of thin conductive films on dielectric substrates is reported. This method allows for accurate extraction of the sheet impedance

Microstrip Device for Broadband (15–65 GHz) Measurement of Dielectric Properties of Nematic Liquid Crystals

The essential dielectric properties, the basic alignment techniques, and the common measurement methods of the nematic liquid crystal (LC) at RF are briefly reviewed. A new device for the broadband

Dielectric Constant Estimation of a Carbon Nanotube Layer on the Dielectric Rod Waveguide at Millimeter Wavelengths

A method has been developed to estimate dielectric properties of a layer containing carbon nanotubes (CNTs) randomly arranged in plane, deposited on a dielectric rod waveguide (DRW). In the framework

New Permittivity Measurement Methods Using Resonant Phenomena For High-Permittivity Materials

  • Y. KatoM. Horibe
  • Physics
    IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement
  • 2017
This paper proposes and demonstrates two types of measurement techniques: the rectangular resonator method by controlling the sample insertion length and the waveguide reflection method with a sample terminated by a short circuit, and estimates the measurement uncertainty using Monte Carlo calculations to clarify that the results obtained by both methods are almost consistent within the ranges of the uncertainties.

Accurate determination of the complex permittivity of materials with transmission reflection measurements in partially filled rectangular waveguides

An enhanced transmission reflection technique for the precise determination of the complex permittivity of dielectric materials partially filling the cross section of a rectangular waveguide is

A Microwave Method for Noniterative Constitutive Parameters Determination of Thin Low-Loss or Lossy Materials

  • U. Hasar
  • Physics
    IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques
  • 2009
A noniterative transmission-reflection method is proposed for instant measurement of constitutive parameters of thin samples attached to a sample holder. It uses reflection-only measurements for

Higher-Order Mode Electromagnetic Analysis of a Material Sample between Two Flanged Coaxial Probes for Broadband Modelling of Dielectric Measurement Setups

The characterization of the dielectric properties of a material requires a measurement technique and its associated analysis method. In this work, the configuration involving two coaxial probes with

Wide-Range Permittivity Measurement With a Parametric-Dependent Cavity

This paper reports an approach that can determine a very wide-range permittivity using a parametric-dependent cavity based on the field-enhancement method. The method is superior in accuracy as