Fast and Proven Secure Blind Identity-Based Signcryption from Pairings

  title={Fast and Proven Secure Blind Identity-Based Signcryption from Pairings},
  author={Tsz Hon Yuen and Victor K.-W. Wei},
  booktitle={IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive},
We present the first blind identity-based signcryption (BIBSC). We formulate its security model and define the security notions of blindness and parallel one-more unforgeability (p1m-uf). We present an efficient construction from pairings, then prove a security theorem that reduces its p1m-uf to Schnorr’s ROS Problem in the random oracle model plus the generic group and pairing model. The latter model is an extension of the generic group model to add support for pairings, which we introduce in… CONTINUE READING
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