Fast and Accurate Multi-tissue Deconvolution Using SHORE and H-psd Tensors

  title={Fast and Accurate Multi-tissue Deconvolution Using SHORE and H-psd Tensors},
  author={Michael Ankele and Lek-Heng Lim and S. Groeschel and T. Schultz},
We propose a new regularization for spherical deconvolution in diffusion MRI. It is based on observing that higher-order tensor representations of fiber ODFs should be H-psd, i.e., they should have a positive semidefinite (psd) matrix \(H_T\). We show that this constraint is stricter than the currently more widely used non-negativity, and that it can be enforced easily using quadratic cone programming. We demonstrate its use in a multi-tissue deconvolution framework that models the different… Expand
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