Fast Two-Dimensional Pattern Matching

  title={Fast Two-Dimensional Pattern Matching},
  author={Ricardo Baeza-Yates and Mireille R{\'e}gnier},
  journal={Inf. Process. Lett.},

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Fast Two-Dimensional Approximate Pattern Matching

These are the first search algorithms for the problem of approximate string matching in d dimensions, and the first sublinear-time (on average) searching algorithm is presented, which is O(knd/md-1) for k < (m/(d(logσ m- logσ d)))d-1, where σ is the alphabet size.

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Variants of the Baker and Bird and the Baeza-Yates and Regnier algorithms that use the data structures of the Set Horspool, Wu-Manber, Set Backward Oracle Matching, and SOG multiple pattern matching algorithms in place of the automaton of Aho-Corasick are presented.



Fast Algorithms for Two Dimensional and Multiple Pattern Matching (Preliminary Version)

A new algorithm for searching a twodimensional m × m pattern in a two dimensional n × n text is presented, which improves on previous results in both time: n2 and space: n or m2, and is nearly optimal.

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An algorithm is presented which finds all occurrences of one given string within another, in running time proportional to the sum of the lengths of the strings, showing that the set of concatenations of even palindromes, i.e., the language $\{\alpha \alpha ^R\}^*$, can be recognized in linear time.

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An algorithm for two dimensional matching with an 0(n2) text scanning phase that runs on the same model as standard linear time string matching algorithm and requires no special assumptions about the alphabet.

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By reducing an array matching problem to a string matching problem in a natural way, it is shown that efficient string matching algorithms can be applied to arrays, assuming that a linear

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A simple, efficient algorithm to locate all occurrences of any of a finite number of keywords in a string of text that has been used to improve the speed of a library bibliographic search program by a factor of 5 to 10.

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This paper deals with an average analysis of the Knuth-Morris-Pratt algorithm, and it is proven that c ∼ 1+1/q, the constant of linearity c, when the cardinality q of the alphabet is large.