Fast-Strike Feeding Behavior in a Pteropod Mollusk, Clione limacina Phipps.

  title={Fast-Strike Feeding Behavior in a Pteropod Mollusk, Clione limacina Phipps.},
  author={Cedric Hermans and Richard A. Satterlie},
  journal={The Biological bulletin},
  volume={182 1},
High speed cinematography and video recordings were used to evaluate the fast-strike feeding response by which Clione limacina captures its prey, Limacina helicina. The acquisition phase of feeding involves rapid mouth opening and extrusion of three pairs of buccal cones. Mouth opening occurs in 10 to 20 ms, while hydrostatic inflation of the buccal cones takes 50 to 70 ms. Buccal cones are immediately retracted if prey are not contacted. Buccal cones surround the prey and release a viscous… CONTINUE READING
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