Fast Readout of Multi-channel Detectors by using a CMOS camera

  title={Fast Readout of Multi-channel Detectors by using a CMOS camera},
  author={Maxim Shayduk and Razmik Mirzoyan and Alisja Polyakova and Thomas Schweizer and Eckart Lorenz and Masahiro Teshima and Abe Falkone and Vladimir V. Vassiliev},
The multi-channel detectors are essential part of modern experiments. The number of readout channels for every future detector is usually much higher than before. Usually the number of channels of a detector constrains the minimal data acquisition system (DAQ) requirements and the total price of the readout system. For the future groundbased gamma-ray instruments like for example, the Cerenkov Telescope Array (CTA) the DAQ system should fulfill several stringent requirements: low power… CONTINUE READING

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A concept for the readout of multichannel detectors by using analog signal transmission via optical fibres coupled to a fast CCD

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