Fast Body Posture Estimation using Volumetric Features


This paper presents a novel approach to real-time pose recognition using Haar-like features. First, linear discriminant analysis (LDA) is introduced as a powerful new approach to train Haar-like features. The LDA-based method is compared to AdaBoost, and proven to be more efficient and requiring less Haar-like features to successfully complete the pose classification task. The weakened memory requirements with regards to AdaBoost allow for a straightforward extension to a 3D pose detector based on 3D Haar-like features, resulting in a rotation-invariant pose detection system.

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@article{Bergh2008FastBP, title={Fast Body Posture Estimation using Volumetric Features}, author={Michel Van Den Bergh and Esther Koller-Meier and Luc van Gool}, journal={2008 IEEE Workshop on Motion and video Computing}, year={2008}, pages={1-8} }