Fast Algorithm for Graph Isomorphism Testing

  title={Fast Algorithm for Graph Isomorphism Testing},
  author={Jos{\'e} Luis L{\'o}pez-Presa and Antonio Fern{\'a}ndez},
In this paper we present a novel approach to the graph isomorphism problem. We combine a direct approach, that tries to find a mapping between the two input graphs using backtracking, with a (possibly partial) automorphism precomputing that allows to prune the search tree. We propose an algorithm, conauto , that has a space complexity of O (n 2 logn ) bits. It runs in time O (n 5) with high probability if either one of the input graphs is a G (n ,p ) random graph, for p *** [*** (ln 4 n / n ln… 

Fast Isomorphism Testing of Graphs with Regularly-Connected Components

An algorithm is presented, called conauto-1.2, that efficiently tests whether two graphs are isomorphic, and finds an isomorphism if they are, and preserves all the nice features of conauto, but drastically improves the testing of graphs with regularly connected components.

Isomorphism Testing via Polynomial-Time Graph Extensions

  • D. Porumbel
  • Computer Science
    J. Math. Model. Algorithms
  • 2011
A polynomial graph extension procedure that provides a graph coloring capable of rapidly guiding a simple-but-effective heuristic toward the solution of graph isomorphism (GI) properties is introduced.

Conauto-2.0: Fast Isomorphism Testing and Automorphism Group Computation

It is proved that, under some circumstances, it is not only possible to prune the search space, but also to infer new generators without the need of explicitly finding an automorphism of the graph.

A consistency rule for graph isomorphism problem

The proposed consistency rule is able to prune as early as possible unfruitful branches of the tree-search which leads to reduce the practical time complexity.


Two new algorithms for subgraph isomorphism problem for labeled graphs based on modified adjacency list that are competitive with classic Ullman’s algorithm and more recent VF2 are presented.

Novel Techniques to Speed Up the Computation of the Automorphism Group of a Graph

It is formally prove that a GA algorithm that uses these techniques correctly computes the automorphism group of an input graph, as conauto-2.03, which is incorporated into the GA algorithm conauto, with at most an additive polynomial increase in its asymptotic time complexity.

A polynomial‐time algorithm for simple undirected graph isomorphism

This paper solves the simple undirected graph isomorphism problem with an algorithmic approach as NP=P and proposes a polynomial‐time solution to check if two simple undirectioned graphs are isomorphic or not and proposes the permutation theorem to check fast whether one of two sets of arrays is a permutation of another or not.

Vsep-New Heuristic and Exact Algorithms for Graph Automorphism Group Computation

One exact and two heuristic algorithms for determining the generators, orbits and order of the graph automorphism group are presented and it is shown that the worst-cases running time of the exact algorithm is exponential but it is polynomial for the heuristic algorithm.

Isomorphism Test for Digraphs with Weighted Edges

This paper presents a method for extending the applicability of refinement algorithms to directed graphs with weighted edges using {Traces} as a reference software, and substantiates the claim that the performances of the original algorithm remain substantially unchanged.

Linear Programming Heuristics for the Graph Isomorphism Problem

An isomorphism between two graphs is a bijection between their vertices that preserves the edges. We consider the problem of determining whether two finite undirected weighted graphs are isomorphic,



A Note on the Graph Isomorphism counting Problem

Improved random graph isomorphism

The Graph Isomorphism Problem

A survey of related work in the graph isomorphism problem, and some of the classes of graphs which have known polynomial-time algorithms are discussed, including some graphs which are hard for practical algorithms.

The graph isomorphism disease

The present state of the art of isomorphism testing is surveyed, its relationship to NP-completeness is discussed, and some of the difficulties inherent in this particularly elusive and challenging problem are indicated.

An Algorithm for Subgraph Isomorphism

A new algorithm is introduced that attains efficiency by inferentially eliminating successor nodes in the tree search by means of a brute-force tree-search enumeration procedure and a parallel asynchronous logic-in-memory implementation of a vital part of the algorithm is described.

Graph isomorphism is in SPP

  • V. ArvindPiyush P. Kurur
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    The 43rd Annual IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science, 2002. Proceedings.
  • 2002
It is shown that graph isomorphism is in the complexity class SPP and hence it is in /spl oplus/P (in fact,it is in Mod/sub k/P for each k/spl ges/2), and it follows that the hidden subgroup problem for permutation groups has an FP SPP algorithm.

An Improved Algorithm for Matching Large Graphs

In this paper an improved version of a graph matching algorithm is presented, which is able to efficiently solve the graph isomorphism and graph-subgraph isomorphism problems on Attributed Relational

Canonical labeling of graphs

An algebraic approach to the problem of assigning canonical forms to graphs by computing canonical forms and the associated canonical labelings in polynomial time is announced.

The Graph Isomorphism Problem

A highlight of the conference was the presentation of a new quasi-polynomial time algorithm for the Graph Isomorphism Problem, providing the first improvement since 1983.

The complexity of McKay's canonical labeling algorithm

  • T. Miyazaki
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Groups and Computation
  • 1995
An exponential lower bound is proved of the algorit hm for connected 3-regular graphs of color-class size 4 using Fürer’s construction for these graphs.