Fas ligand in human serum

  title={Fas ligand in human serum},
  author={Masato Tanaka and Takashi Suda and Kyosuke Haze and Norio Nakamura and Ken Sato and Fumihiko Kimura and Kazuo Motoyoshi and Masao Mizuki and Shinichi Tagawa and Shigetoshi Ohga and Kiyohiko Hatake and Alan H. Drummond and Shigekazu Nagata},
  journal={Nature Medicine},
The Fas ligand (FasL), a member of the tumor necrosis factor family, induces apoptosis in Fas–bearing cells. The membrane–bound human FasL was found to be converted to a soluble form (sFasL) by the action of a matrix metalloproteinase–like enzyme. Two neutralizing monoclonal anti–human FasL antibodies were identified, and an enzyme–linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for sFasL in human sera was established. Sera from healthy persons did not contain a detectable level of sFasL, whereas those from… CONTINUE READING
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