Fas-independent apoptosis of activated T cells induced by antibodies to the HLA class I alpha1 domain.

  title={Fas-independent apoptosis of activated T cells induced by antibodies to the HLA class I alpha1 domain.},
  author={Laurent Genestier and R Paillot and Nathalie Bonnefoy-B{\'e}rard and G Meffre and Monique Flacher and D I Fevre and Yong Jun Liu and Philippe Le Bouteiller and Hermann Waldmann and Victor H Engelhard and Jacques Banchereau and Jean Pierre Revillard},
  volume={90 9},
In addition to their major function in antigen presentation and natural killer cell activity regulation, HLA class I molecules may modulate T-cell activation and proliferation. Monoclonal antibodies (MoAbs) that recognize distinct epitopes of HLA class I molecules were reported to interfere with T-cell proliferation. We show here that two MoAbs (mouse MoAb90 and rat YTH862) that bind to an epitope of the alpha1 domain of HLA class I heavy chain induce apoptotic cell death of activated, but not… CONTINUE READING
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