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Farmers’ Perceptions on the Effects of Climate Variability on Dairy Farming in Masaba North, Nyamira County, Kenya

  title={Farmers’ Perceptions on the Effects of Climate Variability on Dairy Farming in Masaba North, Nyamira County, Kenya},
  author={Innocent Ngare},
Climate variability is an emerging phenomenon that is threatening dairy farming globally. The dairy-climate change dilemma in Kenya cannot be mistaken. However, extensive research into dairy farming and an understanding of the dynamics of climate variability effects is greatly lacking.The study investigated the effects of climate variability on dairy farming in Masaba North Sub-county of Nyamira County, Kenya. The main objective was to determine the effects of climate variability on dairy… 

Effect of Socio-Demographic Characteristics on Kenyan Smallholder Dairy Farmers’ Adaptive Strategies to Climate Change Effects

Climate change (CC) impedes smallholder dairy industry in Kenya. Consequently, farmers’ adaptation to CC effects would greatly determine their resilience, profitability, and sustainable contribution

Urban climate variability trend in the coastal region of Mombasa Kenya

  • Innocent Osoro NgareJames Kibii KoskeJ. MuriukiEvelyn Wemali ChitechiGeorge Njagi Gathuku
  • Environmental Science
  • 2020
The world population in global south countries is increasing. This fast growth has heightened urban ecological footprint that contributes to anthropogenic forcing triggering of the climate system.



Constraints to Profitability of Smallholder Dairy Farmers in Nyeri South Sub-County, Kenya

Aims: The purpose of the study was to investigate the constraints to profitability of small holder dairy farmers in Nyeri South Sub-county. The study was guided by the following  specific 

Perceptions of Cattle and Sheep Farmers on Climate Change and Adaptation in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa

Abstract This study examined the perceptions of cattle and sheep farmers on climate change and adaptation in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Using information from 500 livestock farmers

Drought coping strategies at Lonhlupheko community, a semi-arid rural area in Swaziland

Climate change predictions reflect that temperatures in Swaziland will increase by 2.5°C and annual rainfall could decrease by 100 mm by 2050. Drought frequency and intensity is likely to increase in

Modelling the Effect of Climate Change on Environmental Pollution Losses from Dairy Systems in the UK

So far, there has been strong emphasis on studying the impacts of climate change on agriculture in terms of changes in food production; however, there is increasing evidence that agricultural

Climate Variability and Change as Perceived by Rural Communities in Swaziland

The objective of the research was to determine the perception of climate variability and change by rural communities in Swaziland. Interviews were conducted to a total of 60 members of three rural

Future consequences and challenges for dairy cow production systems arising from climate change in Central Europe - a review.

It is essential to establish and adopt mitigation strategies covering available tools from management, nutrition, health and plant and animal breeding to cope with the future consequences of climate change on dairy farming.

A conceptual framework for the economic analysis of factors influencing decision-making of small-scale farmers in animal health management.

An improved understanding of the behaviour and decision-making processes of small-scale farmers is proposed, and an urgent need exists for empirical research in this area to guide policy decisions regarding the delivery of animal health services.

Impacts of climate change on water resources in southern Africa: A review