Faraday Ripples, Parametric Resonance, and the Marangoni Effect.


In general, the combined actions of two destabilizing mechanisms do not simply add to each other. Here we show that there is a subtle interplay between parametric excitation and thermal gradients leading to interfacial instability, overstability, and generation of surface waves. The case studied refers to the stability of a liquid layer with an open free… (More)


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@article{Birikh2001FaradayRP, title={Faraday Ripples, Parametric Resonance, and the Marangoni Effect.}, author={Rudolf V. Birikh and Vladimir A. Briskman and Anatoly A. Cherepanov and Manuel G. Velarde}, journal={Journal of colloid and interface science}, year={2001}, volume={238 1}, pages={16-23} }