Far-Right Media as Imitated Counterpublicity: A Discourse Analysis on Racial Meaning and Identity on Vdare.com

  title={Far-Right Media as Imitated Counterpublicity: A Discourse Analysis on Racial Meaning and Identity on Vdare.com},
  author={Jeff Tischauser and Kevin Musgrave},
  journal={Howard Journal of Communications},
  pages={282 - 296}
Abstract Calling attention to a lack of analytical clarity regarding far-right media within alternative media literature, we seek to answer the question: what is far-right about far-right media? Turning to Vdare.com, a prominent right-wing website run by white nationalist Peter Brimelow that publishes under the tagline “The Premier News for Patriotic Immigration Reform,” we examine racial representation, as well as the sourcing practices used by their contributors. Employing discourse analysis… 

Monetizing Propaganda: How Far-right Extremists Earn Money by Video Streaming

The main findings of this paper are that the majority of donors are using micropayments in varying frequencies, but a small handful of donors spend large amounts of money to finance their favorite streamers, and the far-right video streaming financial landscape is divided into separate cliques which exhibit very little crossover in terms of sizable donations.



#Ferguson is everywhere: initiators in emerging counterpublic networks

ABSTRACT On the afternoon of 9 August 2014, 18-year-old Michael ‘Mike’ Brown was shot and killed by Officer Darren Wilson in the small American city of Ferguson, Missouri. Brown's body lay in the

Cloaked websites: propaganda, cyber-racism and epistemology in the digital era

The way in which cloaked websites conceal a variety of political agendas from a range of perspectives is examined, with particular interest here are cloaked white supremacist sites that disguise cyber-racism.

Seeking the “Counter” in Counterpublics

As conceptual models of the public sphere have moved toward multiplicity, “counterpublic” has emerged as a critical term to signify that some publics develop not simply as one among a constellation

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This article examines the relationship between conservative discourse, racial politics, and broadcasting policy in the United States. It explores how conservative media personalities, pundits, and

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This article examines the ways conservative news media, conservative commentators, and conservative leaders talked about the predominantly Black and poor residents of New Orleans who remained in the

Ideology, Materiality, and Counterpublicity: William E. Simon and the Rise of a Conservative Counterintelligentsia

As a conceptual term, “counterpublic” serves scholarship best when contributing to a critical-theory project, which means that particular constellations of materiality and ideology may bolster some

Far-right media on the internet: culture, discourse and power

The BNP’s website is explored as a form of alternative media, focusing on how it involves members and supporters in its discursive construction of racism, and finds that the discourses and identities produced are played out through a radical reformation of the concepts of power, culture and oppression.

Counter-Public Enclaves and Understanding the Function of Rhetoric in Social Movement Coalition-Building

  • Karma R. Chávez
  • Political Science, Sociology
    Readings in Rhetorical Fieldwork
  • 2018
Social movement scholarship has focused primarily on public rhetoric and single-issue movements. This focus has led to limited understanding of the function of “protected enclaves” within

Reducing Race: News Themes in the 2008 Primaries

This article presents a content analysis exploring how racial issues were addressed in newspaper and news magazine coverage of the 2008 Democratic primaries. Despite the presence of Latino and

Racecraft: The Soul of Inequality in American Life

Most people assume that racism grows from a perception of human difference: the fact of race gives rise to the practice of racism. In this myth-busting reflection, the sociologist Karen E. Fields and