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Fantastic voyage: live long enough to live forever. The science behind radical life extension questions and answers.

  title={Fantastic voyage: live long enough to live forever. The science behind radical life extension questions and answers.},
  author={Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman},
  journal={Studies in health technology and informatics},
Putting an end to human aging is now becoming a reality, and immortality is no longer just a dream. Through what we are calling "Fantastic Voyage," we provide a guide to achieving life extension through various means, thereby slowing down aging and disease processes. The three components of Fantastic Voyage are: Bridge One--Aggressively applying today's knowledge. Bridge Two--Putting biotechnology, such as gene technologies, to use with therapeutic cloning and rejuvenation medicine. Bridge… 
Why do we wish to be enhanced
Recent progress in the fields of nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and cognitive science1 has led to a growing debate concerning the use of these technologies to increase, among
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A new evolutionary strategy for dietary enhancement of healthspan is offered, one that is as applicable to fruit flies as humans, and critically review proposed anti-aging strategies that have been based on evolutionary reasoning, questioning some of their own earlier suggestions.
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The future of aging and human life extension begins today, using presently available tools, but will be increasingly shaped and accelerated by ongoing breakthroughs in biotechnology, nanotechnology
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I engage with anti-aging predictions from an anthropological perspective that treats predictions themselves as objects of analysis, with an eye toward the stakes of its pursuits, the hopes it draws upon and engenders, and the cultural context in which it is emerging.
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In this paper, I investigate suspension under two guises: digital and pharmaceutical. These two versions of suspension interrogate the limits of the body to different extents. The former highlights
Anti-Aging is not Necessarily Anti-Death: Bioethics and the Front Lines of Practice
This research is based upon over 9 years of anthropological, ethnographic interview- and observation-based research in the field and draws substantially from the US President’s Council on Bioethics deliberations on this topic as well as from interview data and other publications/discussion on anti-aging medicine.
The Future of Human Longevity
The modern rise in life expectancy is one of humani-ty’s crowning achievements. After more than 200,000 years of slow but steady increases in life expectancy for anatomically modern people like us
Nano Dreams and Nanoworlds: Fantastic Voyage as a Fantastic Origin Story
Fantastic Voyage , a 1966 Hollywood science fiction film based on a screenplay written by Harry Kleiner, is often associated with contemporary nanotechnology imaginings. In this article, I draw on
Cybernetic principles of aging and rejuvenation: the buffering- challenging strategy for life extension.
The proposed buffering-challenging strategy may be able to extend life indefinitely, by forcing a periodic rebuilding and extension of capabilities, while using the Internet as an endless source of new knowledge about how to deal with disturbances.
Can human biology allow most of us to become centenarians?
It is argued here that human biology will preclude survival to age 100 for most people, which would mean that the financial solvency of even the most prosperous countries are in jeopardy.