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Fantasies of Friendship: Ernst Jünger and the German Right's Search for Community in Modernity

  title={Fantasies of Friendship: Ernst J{\"u}nger and the German Right's Search for Community in Modernity},
  author={Eliah Matthew Bures},
  • Eliah Matthew Bures
  • Published 2014
  • Sociology
  • Author(s): Bures, Eliah Matthew | Advisor(s): Jay, Martin E. | Abstract: This dissertation argues that ideas and experiences of friendship were central to the thinking of German radical conservatives in the twentieth century, from the pre-WWI years to the emergence, beginning in the 1970s, of the New Right.I approach this issue by examining the role of friendship in the circle around the writer Ernst Junger (1895-1998). Like many in his generation, Junger's youthful alienation from a "cold… CONTINUE READING