Fangjiomics: in search of effective and safe combination therapies.


Millennia-old Chinese medicine treats disease with many combination therapies involving ingredients used in clinic practice. Fangjiomics is the science of identifying and designing effective mixtures of bioactive agents and elucidating their modes of action beyond those of Chinese patent medicines. Omics profiling and quantitative optimal modeling have been used to associate the various responses with biological pathways related to disease phenotype. Fangjiomics seeks to study myriad compatible combinations that may act through multiple targets, modes of action, and biological pathways balancing on off-target and on-target effects. This approach may lead to the discovery of controllable array-designed therapies to combine less potent elements that are more effective collectively but have fewer adverse side effects than does any element singly.

DOI: 10.1177/0091270010382913

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