[Fanconi's disease associated with hepato-splenic peliosis (author's transl)].


The authors report a case of Fanconi's disease equilibrated for a period of 8 years by androgen therapy. The patient died after interruption of treatment; the clinical picture comprised hepatomegaly, jaundice, pancytopenia. The autopsy showed hepato-splenic peliosis and acute tuberculosis. The subject of peliosis is brought up to date by a thorough review… (More)


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@article{Despert1981FanconisDA, title={[Fanconi's disease associated with hepato-splenic peliosis (author's transl)].}, author={François Despert and Jean Pierre Lamagnere and Alain Chantepie and M C Grangeponte and Odile Lejars and Pierre Combe}, journal={Archives francaises de pediatrie}, year={1981}, volume={38 1}, pages={29-33} }