Fan-shaped antennas: Realization of wideband characteristics and generation of stop bands

  title={Fan-shaped antennas: Realization of wideband characteristics and generation of stop bands},
  author={H. Nakano and K. Morishita and Y. Iitsuka and H. Mimaki and Takao Yoshida and J. Yamauchi},
  journal={Radio Science},
[1] This paper presents four fan-shaped antennas: U.S.-FAN, CROSS-FAN, CROSS-FAN-W, and CROSS-FAN-S. Each of these antennas stands upright above a ground plane, and has edges expressed by an exponential function and a circle function. The four antennas are investigated using frequencies from 1.5 GHz to 11 GHz. The CROSS-FAN is found to have a lower VSWR over a wide frequency band compared to the U.S.-FAN. The CROSS-FAN-W and CROSS-FAN-S are modified versions of the CROSS-FAN, each designed to… Expand
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