Fan Engagement in 15 Seconds: Athletes’ Relationship Marketing During a Pandemic via TikTok

  title={Fan Engagement in 15 Seconds: Athletes’ Relationship Marketing During a Pandemic via TikTok},
  author={Yiran Su and Bradley J. Baker and Jason Patrick Doyle and Meimei Yan},
  journal={International Journal of Sport Communication},
As COVID-19 lockdowns force most sport leagues into hiatus, engaging fans has emerged as a key challenge confronting the sport industry While navigating social distancing protocols, athletes are experimenting with new ways to connect with their fans Alongside established social media platforms (e g , Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), TikTok, a short-form video-sharing platform, has gained prominence in terms of registered users and shared content Yet, little is known about the utility of… 
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consumer identity and behavior, branding in sport business, global marketing strategy, data research methods, brand building via social media, sport consumer behavior and loyalty, and machine and