[Family situation of home care givers].


80 family care givers were interviewed. Half of them were daughters or daughters-in-law of the patients, half were parents and partners. 30 of them were supported in care giving by professionals. Half of the patients were younger, half were older than 70 years. Results of the study can be summarized as follows. The days of family care givers are packed with care giving activities, there is little spare time. Daily hassles keep increasing without hope that the situation will improve. Often, a radical change in life style becomes necessary when, all of a sudden, care giving is needed. Families are met unprepared, and thus, there is a deficit in competencies, resulting in insecurity, embarrassing situations, and overwork. Although they know that hygiene is crucial for the elderly and sick, and they know about the importance of care of the body for the patients' well-being, hygiene deficits are found which are due to care givers' overwork. Most of the time, meals are freshly prepared by care givers. Anyway, keeping and reheating meals and not being watchful enough as far as mold is concerned results in health risks for the elderly and sick. Care givers supported by professionals rate their aid positively. Problems are generally due to time mismanagement. Nursing homes are rejected and morally condemned by care givers and patients unanimously. Only a few care givers feel so overworked that they would prefer nursing home care.

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