Family clustering in Sardinian longevity: a genealogical approach.

  title={Family clustering in Sardinian longevity: a genealogical approach.},
  author={Graziella Caselli and Lucia Pozzi and James W. Vaupel and Luca Deiana and Gianni Mario Pes and Ciriaco Carru and Claudio Franceschi and Giovannella Baggio},
  journal={Experimental gerontology},
  volume={41 8},
This paper aims to discuss the validation and family determinants affecting the longevity of Sardinian centenarians, using a genealogical approach. This preliminary study presents the first results of a genealogical tree reconstruction of selected centenarians aged 105 and over, from certain areas. These are mostly situated in the province of Nuoro, an area with the highest rate of centenarians and where the female-to-male sex ratio tends to be male-biased. An accurate centenarian age… CONTINUE READING