Family-based association study of ROR2 polymorphisms with an array of radiographic hand bone strength phenotypes

  title={Family-based association study of ROR2 polymorphisms with an array of radiographic hand bone strength phenotypes},
  author={S. Ermakov and I. Malkin and M. Keter and E. Kobyliansky and G. Livshits},
  journal={Osteoporosis International},
SummaryFor the first time the study provides evidence of association of radiographic hand bone length (BL) and bone mineral density (BMD) with polymorphisms in ROR2 gene that plays important role in skeletal development. This contributes to better understanding of bone physiology and may have application in clinical practice.Introduction and hypothesisBone size and bone mineral density (BMD) are major determinants of bone strength. Identification of genes affecting these traits’ variability is… Expand
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