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Family Therapy An Overview

  title={Family Therapy An Overview},
  author={Irene Goldenberg and Herbert Goldenberg},
This new edition of Irene and Herbert Goldenberg's best-selling book takes readers on an examination of the history, development, training, research, and interventions of the rich field of family therapy, including a basic introduction to family systems theory and the family life cycle framework. On each page, Goldenberg and Goldenberg convey enthusiasm for the theories and practices in the field. Theory is brought to life through transcripts of actual therapy sessions, while discussions of… Expand
Cognitive-Behavior Family Therapy: Contemporary Myths and Misconceptions
The field of couple and family therapy has grown in the direction of expanding its horizons by looking toward innovative ideas and whatever works to facilitate change. Despite its demonstrated trackExpand
Clinical Perspectives on Involving the Family in Treatment
The chapter highlights specific methods and strategies to be used with families and explains when to include family members in treatment of patients and the determination of etiology of any psychopathological disorder is paramount. Expand
In this article, I will present a brief theoretical overview of Critical Family Therapy centered on the psychotherapeutic perspective, through employing critical narrative as a psychotherapeuticExpand
Evaluating the effectiveness of family therapies: an integrative review and analysis.
This review is the first attempt at an integrated statistical analysis of family therapy effectiveness research and found family therapy was found to have positive effects compared with both no-treatment and alternative treatment controls, as measured by family interactions and behavior ratings. Expand
Family Therapy and Schizophrenia: A Developing Model for Practice
The use of family therapy in the treatment of schizophrenia has been declining for many years. The focus on psychoeducational models, short-term models, and greater reliance on medications hasExpand
Marriage and family therapy : a practice-oriented approach
There are many different models of marriage and family therapy; the challenge for students and beginning practitioners is deciding which one best suits their individual purposes. This highlyExpand
Marital and Family Therapy
Although the major objective of this chapter is to delineate, compare, contrast, and, to some extent, integrate, the extant major theoretical schools of marital and family therapy in the mid 1980s,Expand
Can a classification of family therapy be developed from expert consensus opinion
Results suggest that it is possible to employ consensus-building techniques to inform a contemporary definition and classification of family therapy, and the use of consensus definitions may produce more informative reviews that contribute to the evidence-base. Expand
Researching Systemic Therapy History: In Search of a Definition
ABSTRACT This article reviews literature describing systemic therapy and it’s basic elements. Today, many different models appear under the same umbrella term, “systemic therapy,” sharing little moreExpand
Theoretical Models and Rationale
Assessment procedures are described for accurate diagnosis and how this relates to indications for treatment using adolescent identity treatment, with detailed and accessible clinical illustrations.Expand