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Family Law Matters

  title={Family Law Matters},
  author={K. O'donovan},
'O'Donovan's volume will be of great interest to students and teachers of political sociology and family sociology, as well as social policy and family law. An exciting addition to the standard texts.' Social Policy 'I applaud Professor O' Donovan's theoretical eclecticism...]This book will make you think.' International Journal of Law and the Family 'This is a wonderful book-gives students an alternative perspective.' Lucy Anderson, Kings College London In this radical critique, Professor O… Expand
Family Law in a Pluralistic Society
The last two years have been an interesting time in which to be a British family lawyer. During this time the government has taken it upon itself to tell us all to get 'back to basics',' not least byExpand
Subverting the Stigmatization Argument
Section 1(1) of the Children Act 1989 provides that when a court determines any question with respect to the upbringing of a child, the child's welfare shall be the court's paramount consideration.Expand
Families and the European Union: Law, Politics and Pluralism
In the first book to offer a comprehensive analysis of family law in the European Union, McGlynn argues that a traditional concept of 'family' which has many adverse effects - on individuals, onExpand
Children's rights: In the name of the child
Abstract Children's rights literature has problematized the imagery of family privacy, the operation of the welfare principle, and the child's participation in decision-making processes, and,Expand
Governed by marriage law
Marriage law links the private and the political, connecting the aspirations of individuals to the regulatory ambitions of the state. Marriage has significant social and cultural importance, but theExpand
Regulation of Cohabitation, Changing Family Policies and Social Attitudes: A Discussion of Britain Within Europe
This article considers the differing legal and policy responses to the common trends of family restructuring away from marriage within Britain and Europe. Conceding that Europe is in the process ofExpand
Gender, Law and Justice in a Global Market
Theories of gender justice in the twenty-first century must engage with global economic and social processes. Using concepts from economic analysis associated with global commodity chains andExpand
Constituting Sexuality through Social Policy: The Case of Lone Motherhood 1834 and Today
Adopting a poststructural approach this article explores the intersection of sexuality and social policy, particularly the role of policies in constituting sexual norms and through these, deservingExpand
Contract marriage - The way forward or dead end?
This essay aims to analyse contractarian theories of marriage and considers how advisable it is that the law concerning marriage should be reformed to make it conform more closely to contractarianExpand
Children: Rights, Participation and Citizenship
This article considers the possibility of rethinking citizenship so as to include children. Much current discussion of children and society is marked by a series of interlocking discourses whichExpand