Families of two-dimensional Coulomb gases on an ellipse: correlation functions and universality

  title={Families of two-dimensional Coulomb gases on an ellipse: correlation functions and universality},
  author={T. Nagao and G. Akemann and M. Kieburg and I. Parra},
  journal={Journal of Physics A},
  • T. Nagao, G. Akemann, +1 author I. Parra
  • Published 2020
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • Journal of Physics A
  • We investigate a one-parameter family of Coulomb gases in two dimensions, which are confined to an ellipse, due to a hard wall constraint, and are subject to an additional external potential. At inverse temperature $\beta=2$ we can use the technique of planar orthogonal polynomials, borrowed from random matrix theory, to explicitly determine all $k$-point correlation functions for a fixed number of particles $N$. These are given by the determinant of the kernel of the corresponding orthogonal… CONTINUE READING
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