Families of 3D Arrays for Video Watermarking

  title={Families of 3D Arrays for Video Watermarking},
  author={Samuel T. Blake and Oscar Moreno and Andrew Z. Tirkel},
This paper presents new constructions of families of binary and ternary arrays with low off-peak (periodic) autocorrelation and low cross-correlation for application to video watermarking. The constructions are based on the composition method which uses a shift sequence to cyclically shift a commensurate “column” sequence/array. The shift sequence/array has auto and cross-hit values constrained to 1 or 2, while the column sequence/array is pseudonoise. The shift sequences are new, while the… 

Arrays composed from the extended rational cycle

A unified method of obtaining multivariate recursion polynomials and their footprints for all finite multidimensional arrays and shows that the size of the footprint is invariant under dimensional transformations based on the Chinese Remainder Theorem.

A new family of 3D watermarks

We construct a new family of 3D periodic arrays suitable for water-marking video. Each member of the family is composed of columns of cyclic shifts of a Sidelnikov sequence in which the shifts are

Extended families of 2D arrays with near optimal auto and low cross-correlation

This work exploits equivalent Hadamard matrices to construct many families of p p × p arrays, where p is any 4k-1 prime, and assembles extended families of arrays with members that exhibit perfect autocorrelation and next-to-optimally low cross-correlation.

Multidimensional arrays with maximal linear complexity

The study of multidimensional arrays provides new ways to understand sequences and set the basis for forthcoming proof of the three years old conjectures related with CDMA sequences.

Families of Multidimensional Arrays with Good Autocorrelation and Asymptotically Optimal Cross-correlation

A construction for families of 2n-dimensional arrays with asymptotically optimal pairwise cross-correlation with application to high-capacity digital watermarking of images and video is introduced.

Linear complexity for multidimensional arrays - a numerical invariant

This paper extends the concept of linear complexity to multiple dimensions and presents a definition that is invariant under well-orderings of the arrays and finds that the new definition for the process introduced in the patent titled “Digital Watermarking” produces arrays with good asymptotic properties.

k-Error linear complexity for multidimensional arrays

This paper makes computations for some typical families of multidimensional arrays to confirm that they have a large $k$-error linear complexity for small $k$.



Double Periodic Arrays with Optimal Correlation for Applications in Watermarking

This paper presents a method that increases the number of sequences, and another that increasesThe number of ones keeping the correlation good and double-periodic, and obtain two new constructions of Optical Orthogonal Codes.

Matrix construction using cyclic shifts of a column

  • A. TirkelT. Hall
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings. International Symposium on Information Theory, 2005. ISIT 2005.
  • 2005
The synthesis of matrices with good correlation, from cyclic shifts of pseudonoise columns, from shift sequences of m-arrays to produce arrays for watermarking of digital images is described.

A class of frequency hop codes with nearly ideal characteristics for multiple-target recognition

  • O. MorenoS. Maric
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings of IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory
  • 1997
This work introduces new families of FH codes whose construction is not limited to GF( p) but remains valid for GF(p/sup n/), and describes their 2-D auto- and cross-correlation properties.

New Optimal Low Correlation Sequences for Wireless Communications

Three new sets of frequency hopping sequences are presented, which are converted into sequences for CDMA, and one of the CDMA sequence families is optimal with respect to the Welch bound, and two are nearly optimal.

Electronic water mark

Some kvalued pseudo - random sequences and nearly equidistant codes

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Algebraic Generators of Sequences for Communication Signals AU2011905002, PCT

  • Algebraic Generators of Sequences for Communication Signals AU2011905002, PCT
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Electronic water mark. In: DICTA 93

  • Electronic water mark. In: DICTA 93
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