Corpus ID: 127076686

Families : neelidae and dicyrtomidae

  title={Families : neelidae and dicyrtomidae},
  author={Jan b. Stach},
Genus Neelus Folsom, 1896 (Hexapoda, Collembola) reveals its diversity in cave habitats: two new species from Croatia.
Two new species of the genus Neelus Folsom, 1896, N. cvitanovici sp. nov. and N. lackovici sp. nov., are described from caves of Croatia. N. lackovici sp. nov. exhibit marked troglomorphic featuresExpand
Studies on lucerne flea, Sminthurus viridis (L.) (Collembola:sminthuridae) and other Collembola in the Tasmanian culture steppe
Field and laboratory studies on the pest status of Collembola in field crops showed that S. viridis was the most injurious, although field damage by the garden springtail, Bourletiella hortensis (Fitch) and root-feeding Onvchiurus spp. Expand