Familiar concepts and relationships in the conifers based on rbcL and matK sequence comparisons

  title={Familiar concepts and relationships in the conifers based on rbcL and matK sequence comparisons},
  author={C. Quinn and R. Price and P. Gadek},
  journal={Kew Bulletin},
  • C. Quinn, R. Price, P. Gadek
  • Published 2002
  • Biology
  • Kew Bulletin
  • Analysis of sequence data for the chloroplast encoded genes rbcL and matK for 40 taxa representing all conifer families and subfamilies, rooted on Ginkgo biloba, provides robust support for the family concepts of Araucariaceae, Cupressaceae sensu lato, Pinaceae and Sciadopilyaceae. Whereas Phyllocladus and Cephalotaxus are robustly linked with, but separated from Podocarpaceae sensu stricto and Taxaceae, respectively, these distinctions decay at far fewer steps (+3.7 and +1.7 steps… CONTINUE READING
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