Familial risk of prostate cancer in Iceland.

  title={Familial risk of prostate cancer in Iceland.},
  author={Bjarki J{\'o}nsson Eldon and E. Jonsson and Jon Tomasson and Laufey Tryggvadottir and Hrafn Tulinius},
  journal={BJU international},
  volume={92 9},
OBJECTIVE To estimate the risk of prostate and other types of cancer among relatives of Icelandic men diagnosed with prostate cancer over a 5-year period. PATIENTS AND METHODS The risk ratio (RR) was used to estimate the risk among relatives of 371 patients with prostate cancer, all of whom lived in Iceland and were diagnosed when alive over a 5-year interval (1983-7). Information on cancer incidence was obtained from the population-based Icelandic Cancer Registry, and information on families… CONTINUE READING
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