Familial risk in oral and pharyngeal cancer.

  title={Familial risk in oral and pharyngeal cancer.},
  author={Alisa M Goldstein and William J. Blot and Raymond S. Greenberg and Janet B. Schoenberg and Donald F. Austin and Susan Preston-Martin and Deborah M Winn and Leslie Bernstein and Joseph K. Mclaughlin and Joseph F. Jr. Fraumeni},
  journal={European journal of cancer. Part B, Oral oncology},
  volume={30B 5},
We examined the relationship between a family history of cancer and risk of oral and pharyngeal cancer using epidemiological data from a large case-control investigation of these tumours. 487 (45.7%) of the cases and 485 (41.0%) of the controls reported cancer in a parent or a sibling. After controlling for age, race, sex, study location, respondent status and smoking and alcohol use, the OR associated with any cancer in the family was 1.1 [95% confidence interval (CI) 0.9-1.3]. Risks were non… CONTINUE READING


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