Familial pituitary adenomas.

  title={Familial pituitary adenomas.},
  author={Silvia Vandeva and Vladimir Vasilev and Laurent Vroonen and Luciana Ansaneli Naves and M-L Jaffrain-Rea and Adrian F Daly and Sabina Z Zacharieva and Albert M. Beckers},
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Pituitary adenomas are benign intracranial neoplasms that present a major clinical concern because of hormonal overproduction or compression symptoms of adjacent structures. Most arise in a sporadic setting with a small percentage developing as a part of familial syndromes such as multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (MEN1), Carney complex (CNC), and the recently described familial isolated pituitary adenomas (FIPA) and MEN-4. While the genetic alterations responsible for the formation of… CONTINUE READING