Familial outbreak of Yersinia enterocolitica serotype O9 biotype 2.

  title={Familial outbreak of Yersinia enterocolitica serotype O9 biotype 2.},
  author={Shoji Moriki and Akiko Nobata and Hiroshi Shibata and Atsushi Nagai and Noriaki Minami and Takeshi Taketani and Hiroshi Fukushima},
  journal={Journal of infection and chemotherapy : official journal of the Japan Society of Chemotherapy},
  volume={16 1},
In Japan, infection with Yersinia enterocolitica of the pathogenic serobiogroup serotype O9 biotype 2 (O9/2) has rarely occurred, and familial outbreaks of Y. enterocolitica are also infrequently reported. We found a familial outbreak of Y. enterocolitica O9/2. Y. enterocolitica O9/2 was detected from stools collected from three persons in the same family. Two patients (an 11-month-old girl and her 68-year-old grandmother) contemporaneously suffered from enterocolitis, and the third person, a… CONTINUE READING