Familial influence on plaque formation in the beagle brain.

  title={Familial influence on plaque formation in the beagle brain.},
  author={Michael J. Russell and Ronald F White and Ela S Patel and William R. Markesbery and Charles R. Watson and James W. Geddes},
  volume={3 12},
Aged canines exhibit central neuropathological changes strikingly similar to those seen in patients with Alzheimer's disease. In this study, brain tissue from pure bred beagles raised in a controlled environment were examined for Alzheimer-like pathology. The mean age of the animals was 15.6 years. The incidence of plaques among these 29 dogs was 65.5%. Of the 19 samples that demonstrated Alzheimer-like pathology, 18 were characterized as diffuse and one as neuritic. Plaque density was found to… CONTINUE READING

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