Familial and genetic influences on heart rate variability.

  title={Familial and genetic influences on heart rate variability.},
  author={Andreas Voss and Andreas Busjahn and Niels Wessel and Ronald Schurath and H. D. Faulhaber and Friedrich C. Luft and Rainer Dietz},
  journal={Journal of electrocardiology},
  volume={29 Suppl},
The authors tested the hypothesis of a genetic influence on heart rate variability (HRV). This genetic influence was assessed in 62, twin pairs (30 monozygotic, 32 dizygotic). From all twins, long-term electrocardiographic records were obtained, edited, and analyzed. Heart rate variability analysis was performed on the basis of parameters from time-domain, frequency-domain, and nonlinear dynamics. First, the parameter distances between the two twins of a pair and between one of the two and a… CONTINUE READING

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