Familial aggregation of sarcoidosis. A case-control etiologic study of sarcoidosis (ACCESS).

  title={Familial aggregation of sarcoidosis. A case-control etiologic study of sarcoidosis (ACCESS).},
  author={Benjamin A Rybicki and Michael C. Iannuzzi and Margaret M Frederick and Bruce W. Thompson and Milton D. Rossman and Eddy A Bresnitz and Michael L Terrin and David Robert Moller and Juliana Barnard and Robert P Baughman and Louis R DePalo and Gary G Hunninghake and Carol J Johns and Marc A Judson and Genell L. Knatterud and Geoffrey McLennan and Lee S. Newman and David L Rabin and Cecile S. Rose and Alvin S. Teirstein and Steven E. Weinberger and Henry Yeager and Reuben M. Cherniack},
  journal={American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine},
  volume={164 11},
Despite reports of familial clustering of sarcoidosis, little empirical evidence exists that disease risk in family members of sarcoidosis cases is greater than that in the general population. To address this question, we estimated sarcoidosis familial relative risk using data on disease occurrence in 10,862 first- and 17,047 second-degree relatives of 706 age, sex, race, and geographically matched cases and controls who participated in the multicenter ACCESS (A Case-Control Etiology Study of… CONTINUE READING

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