Familial Mediterranean fever in children: the expanded clinical profile.


The clinical picture of familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) has been appreciably expanded in the last 10 years. Over 8 years, we studied the expanded clinical profile of FMF in 476 children. Of these, 81% had abdominal pain, 41% chest pain, 42% arthritis, 12% severe myalgia, 12% skin manifestations, 4% scrotal swelling, 3% recurrent episodic fever, and one child (0.2%) developed recurrent hyperbilirubinaemia. Two (0.4%) children developed renal complications which were reversed by colchicine; however of 19 probands, 36 family members suffered from chronic renal failure. Our study indicates a familial predisposition to nephropathy in certain families with FMF. This study is the first to report the expanded clinical profile of FMF in a large group of Arab children, giving an opportunity to compare the findings with those in children with FMF in other ethnic groups, and to help in the study of genotype-phenotype correlation.

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