Familial Alzheimer disease: a large, multigeneration German kindred.

  title={Familial Alzheimer disease: a large, multigeneration German kindred.},
  author={P Frommelt and Ralf Schnabel and W G K{\"u}hne and L. E. Nee and Ronald J. Polinsky},
  journal={Alzheimer disease and associated disorders},
  volume={5 1},
A German family with 21 members affected by Alzheimer disease (AD) was studied clinically and genetically. The diagnosis was histologically verified in three affected family members. Ancestors were traced through seven generations to a couple residing in East-Westfalia during the middle of the 19th century. Dementia was often accompanied by extrapyramidal features and myoclonus. No cases of Down syndrome or hematologic malignancy occurred in this family. Clinical manifestations, temporal… CONTINUE READING

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