Fame and Failure 1720-1800: The Unfulfilled Literary Life

  title={Fame and Failure 1720-1800: The Unfulfilled Literary Life},
  author={Adam Rounce},
Introduction: motion without progress 1. An author to be let 2. The exemplary failure of Dr Dodd 3. Anna Seward's cruel times 4. Percival Stockdale's alternative literary history. 
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"The pleasure of writing is inconceivable": William Hutton (1723-1815) as an Author

William Hutton started life as a child labourer, but rose to become a bookseller, stationer, and wealthy paper merchant. Like many autodidacts, he longed to be an author and published 15 popular



A Life of James Boswell

The definitive biography of this extraordinary and notorious literary figure of the 18th century whose life of Samuel Johnson is one of the greatest achievements in biography.

The Fame Machine: Book Reviewing and Eighteenth-Century Literary Careers

Introduction 1. Review criticism and reading: 1749-75 2. 'I wrote not to be fed but to be famous' Laurence Sterne 3. 'He never gives us nothis that's low' Oliver Goldsmith 4. 'It is better to be

Anna Seward: A Constructed Life: A Critical Biography

Contents: Introduction: 'the fame of a lady' 'My dear Emma': the juvenile letters, 1762-1768 Anecdotes: the juvenile letters 'A free agent': the Powys and Sykes letters, 1770-1780 Lost years: the

A literary history of women's writing in Britain, 1660-1789

Introduction 1. Public women: the Restoration to the death of Aphra Behn, 1660-1689 2. Partisans of virtue and religion, 1689-1702 3. Politics, gallantry, and ladies in the reign of Queen Anne

Memoirs of the life of Sir Walter Scott/ J. G. Lockhart

Preface 1. Life of Napoleon 2. Excursion to St Andrews 3. The 'Opus Magnum' 4. Journey to London 5. Visit to Clydesdale 6. Auchindrane, or the Ayrshire tragedy 7. Winter at Abbotsford 8. Apoplectic

The Author, Art, and the Market: Rereading the History of Aesthetics

Analyzing the rise of art in the 18th century, this treatise demonstrates how painting, sculpture and literature were not regarded as valuable art forms before the emergence of a new bourgeois

The complete English poems

This edition includes all Samuel Johnson's poems, a final version of "The Vanity of Human Wishes" and a first draft of this work contained in an appendix, as well as a selection from his Latin poems

The House of Forgery in Eighteenth-Century Britain

Short titles introduction an age of forgery scripts and scripture Ward, Crook and company "man's first disobedience" -Lauder, Johnson and literary crime Johnson, Ossian and the highland tour the many

Grub Street: studies in a subculture

Illustrations Preface Acknowledgements Abbreviations Introduction: The Topography of Dulness 1. The Suburban Muse 2. The Plagues of Dulness 3. The Criteria of Duncehood 4. Swift and the Scribbler 5.

The Frenzy of Renown: Fame and Its History

"Remarkably ambitious . . . an impressive tour de force." --Washington Post Book WorldFor Alexander the Great, fame meant accomplishing what no mortal had ever accomplished before. For Julius Caesar,