Falsification Test of The National Resilience Concept as Indonesian Geostrategic Doctrine

  title={Falsification Test of The National Resilience Concept as Indonesian Geostrategic Doctrine},
  author={Juniawan Priyono and Herman Herman and Purnomo Yusgiantoro},
This study aims to prove the truth of national resilence concept by using deductive phenomenological interpretive qualitative methods with epistemology of geostrategy as a main objective. Popper’s falsification test is intended to gather evidence on which the geostrategic peripheral is applied to the national resilience concept, rather than reject the conception. The required data includes the national resilience concept and an epistemology of geostrategy to explain geostrategic realities in a… 

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A science named "geo-strategy" would be unimaginable in any other period of history but ours. It is the characteristic product of turbulent twentieth-century world politics. "From time to time the

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Ketahanan Nasional dapat dibentuk jika elemen masyarakat ikut menjaga ketahanan dalam aspek politik, ekonomi, sosial ,budaya, hukum, pertahanan, dan keamanaan. Kerja sama antara pemerintah dan

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  • Persepsi. 1992.
  • 1965