False awakenings in light of the dream protoconsciousness theory: a study in lucid dreamers.

  title={False awakenings in light of the dream protoconsciousness theory: a study in lucid dreamers.},
  author={G. Buzzi},
  journal={International Journal of Dream Research},
  • G. Buzzi
  • Published 2011
  • Psychology
  • International Journal of Dream Research
  • The results of a web-survey aimed at analyzing the phenomenology of False Awakenings (FAs) (sleep-related experiences in which the subjects erroneously believe that they have woken up, only to discover subsequently that the apparent awakening was part of a dream) were revised in light of Hobson’s recent dream protoconsciousness theory.   A web-questionnaire had been previously submitted to three web-sites dedicated to lucid dreamers, a kind of subjects in which FAs have been reported to occur… CONTINUE READING
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