Falling for debt: Giannina Braschi, the Latinx avant-garde, and financial terrorism in the United States of Banana

  title={Falling for debt: Giannina Braschi, the Latinx avant-garde, and financial terrorism in the United States of Banana},
  author={John Riofrio},
  journal={Latino Studies},
Puerto Rican writer Giannina Braschi’s 2011 novel, The United States of Banana, although brilliant and insightful, has been largely under-examined by literary critics. This may be partially attributed to the complexity of her writing and her predilection for utilizing a dizzying array of avant-garde literary techniques at the service of her trenchant critiques of social issues. In this essay I combine scholarship on the avant-garde with research on the economic devastation wrought by the 2008… 


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United States of Banana