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Fallen into oblivion-the systematic affinities of the enigmatic Sulcospira Troschel, 1858 (Cerithioidea: Pachychilidae), a genus of viviparous freshwater gastropods from Java

  title={Fallen into oblivion-the systematic affinities of the enigmatic Sulcospira Troschel, 1858 (Cerithioidea: Pachychilidae), a genus of viviparous freshwater gastropods from Java},
  author={Frank K{\"o}hler and Matthias Glaubrecht},
  journal={The Nautilus},
Sulcospira Troschel, 1858, is not only the taxonomically oldest but also one of the most poorly known genera of Southeast Asian Pachychilidae. It serves as an instructive case study as to how the puzzling systematics of freshwater Cerithioidea has hampered a deeper understanding of their phylogeny and evolution. The genus has been established for the Javan freshwater gastropod Melanin sulcospira Mousson, 1849, on the grounds of its round, multispiral operculum and an elongated main cusp in the… 
Convergence Caused Confusion: On the Systematics Of the Freshwater Gastropod Sulcospira pisum (Brot, 1868) (Cerithioidea, Pachychilidae)
Evidence is presented that “Melania” pisum is not a thiarid species closely related to Balanocochlis glans (Busch, 1842), as has been supposed with respect to the very similar shells of both species.
Conchology Variations in Species Identification of Pachychilidae (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Cerithiodea) through Multivariate Analysis
Shell morphometrics are pre-eminent factors to discriminate genus Sulcospira, Brotia and Tylomelania, as well as between SulCospira species, according to multivariate analysis.
Quid est Clea helena? Evidence for a previously unrecognized radiation of assassin snails (Gastropoda: Buccinoidea: Nassariidae)
The assassin snail Anentome helena, a popular import through the aquarium trade so named for their voracious appetite for other snails, is found to comprise a complex of at least four species.
Out of Asia and into India : on the molecular phylogeny and biogeography of the endemic freshwater gastropod Paracrostoma Cossmann, 1900 (Caenogastropoda: Pachychilidae)
The origins of the Indian biota are more complex and diverse than assumed under the standard Mesozoic vicariance model and pachychilid freshwater gastropods colonized India out of South-east Asia, probably after the collision of both landmasses during the Eocene.
It is hypothesized that the production of large eggs, which is necessitated by the exploration of freshwater, represents a preadaptation existing in those ancestors from which viviparous pachychilid lineages eventually evolved in Southeast Asia.
Phylogeny and systematics of the Pachychilidae of mainland South-East Asia - novel insights from morphology and mitochondrial DNA (Mollusca, Caenogastropoda, Cerithioidea)
Characteristic key features are a pallial oviduct with a seminal receptacle and an embryonic shell with a smooth, dome-like inflated apex and differences in the histology of the pallial Oviduct are not congruent with phylogenetic patterns as suggested by the mitochondrial trees.
Speciation and Radiation in a River: Assessing the Morphological and Genetic Differentiation in a Species Flock of Viviparous Gastropods (Cerithioidea: Pachychilidae)
The present study has shown that there is no strict correlation between radula and shell morphology and the utilisation of substrates, thereby refuting the hypothesis that ecological speciation may have played a significant role in the Kaek River fauna.
A New Species of Sulcospira (Gastropoda: Pachychilidae) from Hunan, China
A new species of pachychilid freshwater gastropod is described from Hunan Province, China, based on morphological and molecular evidence, and this study is the first record of Sulcospira tonkiniana in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China.
Description of a New Species of Sulcospira (Gastropoda: Pachychilidae) From Guangxi, China Based on Morphology and Molecular Evidence
A new species of pachychilid freshwater gastropod, Sulcospira elonga sp. nov., is described from Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China, based on morphological and molecular evidence. The new
A review of Sulcospira (Gastropoda: Pachychilidae) from China, with description of two new species
Two new species of Sulcospira are described from Hunan Province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region based on morphological and molecular evidence.