Fall in! Sorting a Group of Robots with a Continuous Controller

  title={Fall in! Sorting a Group of Robots with a Continuous Controller},
  author={Y. Litus and R. Vaughan},
  journal={2010 Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision},
  • Y. Litus, R. Vaughan
  • Published 2010
  • Computer Science
  • 2010 Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision
  • This paper describes the first robotic system that solves a combinatorial computational problem by means of its own continuous dynamics. The goal of the system is to rearrange a set of robots on a line in a certain predefined order, thereby sorting them. Conventional pairwise between-robot rank comparisons suggested by traditional discrete state sorting algorithms are avoided by coupling robots in a Brockett double bracket flow system. A conventional multi-robot simulation with non-holonomic… CONTINUE READING
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