Fair cubic transition between two circles with one circle inside or tangent to the other

  title={Fair cubic transition between two circles with one circle inside or tangent to the other},
  author={Sarpono Dimulyo and Zulfiqar Habib and Manabu Sakai},
  journal={Numerical Algorithms},
This paper describes a method for joining two circles with a C-shaped and an S-shaped transition curve, composed of a cubic Bézier segment. As an extension of our previous work; we show that a single cubic curve can be used for blending or for a transition curve preserving G2 continuity regardless of the distance of their centers and magnitudes of the radii which is an advantage. Our method with shape parameter provides freedom to modify the shape in a stable manner. 
Smoothing Arc Splines by Cubic Curves
  • Z. Habib, M. Sakai
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    2009 Sixth International Conference on Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization
  • 2009
This paper considers how to smooth three kinds of G1 biarc models: the C-, S-, and J-shaped, by replacing their parts by a single G2 cubic Bezier function.
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  • M. Sakai
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Comput. Aided Geom. Des.
  • 1999