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Fair Contextual Multi-Armed Bandits: Theory and Experiments

  title={Fair Contextual Multi-Armed Bandits: Theory and Experiments},
  author={Yifang Chen and Alex Cuellar and Haipeng Luo and Jignesh Modi and Heramb Nemlekar and S. Nikolaidis},
  • Yifang Chen, Alex Cuellar, +3 authors S. Nikolaidis
  • Published in UAI 2020
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • When an AI system interacts with multiple users, it frequently needs to make allocation decisions. For instance, a virtual agent decides whom to pay attention to in a group setting, or a factory robot selects a worker to deliver a part. Demonstrating fairness in decision making is essential for such systems to be broadly accepted. We introduce a Multi-Armed Bandit algorithm with fairness constraints, where fairness is defined as a minimum rate that a task or a resource is assigned to a user… CONTINUE READING
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