Faint X-Ray Sources in the Globular Cluster Terzan 5

  title={Faint X-Ray Sources in the Globular Cluster Terzan 5},
  author={Craig O. Heinke and Rudy Wijnands and Haldan N. Cohn and Phyllis Minnie Lugger and Jonathan E. Grindlay and David Pooley and Walter H. G. Lewin},
We report our analysis of a Chandra X-ray observation of the rich globular cluster Terzan 5, in which we detect 50 sources to a limiting 1.0-6 keV X-ray luminosity of 3 × 1031 ergs s-1 within the half-mass radius of the cluster. Thirty-three of these have LX > 1032 ergs s-1, the largest number yet seen in any globular cluster. In addition to the quiescent low-mass X-ray binary (LMXB; identified by Wijnands et al.), another 12 relatively soft sources may be quiescent LMXBs. We compare the X-ray… CONTINUE READING


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