Failure of vitamin E therapy in the treatment of anemia of protein-calorie malnutrition.


Sixteen children aged 1 to 4 years, showing the edema, apathy and other associated features of protein-calorie malnutrition4’5 were included in the study. The children were admitted to the metabolic ward of the Nutrition Research Unit and preliminary hematologic data collected. They were maintained on a diet that provided 3 Cm. protein and 150 calories/Kg. body weight/day from skimmed milk, sugar, rice and coconut oiL This diet provided approximately 3 mg a-tocopherol daily.6’7’8 A vitamin supplement was given, which did not contain vitamin B12 or folic acid. Standard hematologic technics as described by Dacie9 were employed. Hemoglobin was estimated by the cyanmethemoglobin method, using a photoelectric colorimeter calibrated and checked against a hemoglobin standard at regular intervals. Bone marrow smears, obtained by aspiration from the iliac crest, were stained with May-CrunwaldCeimsa stain. Megaloblastic marrows were graded I-IV according to severity, grade IV showing the most pronounced changes.1#{176} Serum vitamin B12 levels were estimated, using Euglena gracilis, Z strain, by the method of Hutner et al.,11 and serum folate levels were measured using Lactobacillus casei as the test organism.’21’ Total serum proteins were determined by a microbiuret method. The protein fractions were obtained by paper electrophoresis at pH 8.6, staining with bromphenol blue and eluting the dye with 0.01 N sodium hydroxide.14 A slight modification15 of the Emrie-Engel reaction described by Bieri et al.1#{176} was used for the determination of a-tocopherol in the serum. The serum levels were estimated in eleven of the patients on admission to hospital, and in the other five before therapy with vitamin E was started. Serum levels were also estimated within 4 to 11 days after the first dose of vitamin E was given.


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