Failure of thymectomy in lymphatic leukemia.

  title={Failure of thymectomy in lymphatic leukemia.},
  author={Gilbert O. Dean and Alvin M. Earle and William Anthony Reilly},
  journal={A.M.A. archives of surgery},
  volume={63 5},
ACUTE lymphatic leukemia is a rapidly fatal disease. Simmons 1 recently reviewed the possible role of the thymus in leukemia and noted the experimental work of McEndy and others 2 which indicated that there is a reduction of the incidence of spontaneous leukemia in a high-leukemia stock of mice after thymectomy. The scholarly review of Simmons and his suggestion that thymectomy be tried in lymphatic leukemia led to the performance of this operation in four cases of the disease. The patients… CONTINUE READING