Failure of explicit movement control in patients with functional motor symptoms.

  title={Failure of explicit movement control in patients with functional motor symptoms.},
  author={Isabel Parees and Panagiotis Kassavetis and Tabish Aziz Saifee and Anna Sadnicka and Marco Davare and Kailash P Bhatia and John C. Rothwell and Sven Bestmann and Mark J. J. Edwards},
  journal={Movement disorders : official journal of the Movement Disorder Society},
  volume={28 4},
Functional neurological symptoms are one of the most common conditions observed in neurological practice, but understanding of their underlying neurobiology is poor. Historic psychological models, based on the concept of conversion of emotional trauma into physical symptoms, have not been implemented neurobiologically, and are not generally supported by epidemiological studies. In contrast, there are robust clinical procedures that positively distinguish between organic and functional motor… CONTINUE READING

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