Failure of dacron arterial prostheses caused by structural defects.

  title={Failure of dacron arterial prostheses caused by structural defects.},
  author={Takehiro Watanabe and Akira Kusaba and Hiromi Kuma and Morio Kina and Kenichiro Okadome and Kiyoshi Inokuchi},
  journal={The Journal of cardiovascular surgery},
  volume={24 2},
We have observed unusual aneurysmal complications associated with structural defects of Dacron fabrics in three patients. The first patient had beadshape aneurysms along the course of the bilateral axillo-femoral prosthetic bypasses 4 or 5 years after surgery. Round defects or longitudinal rents in the lower third of the prostheses (Vascular-D knitted Dacron graft of high porosity, USCI) were the source of the aneurysmal complications. In the second patient, the transverse diameter of the aorto… CONTINUE READING


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